Who We Are:


Woodrow Engineering Company was founded in 1946 in the Chicago area. Over the years it has grown into the largest producer of professional scale rulers for the construction industry in the United States, as well as foot measures for use in stores and by consumers.

In 1971, Woodrow Engineering Company moved to beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. The fOOter family of products originates from the pristine countryside of the Door County Peninsula, in North Eastern Wisconsin. Surrounded by bluffs, cherry orchards and the wave swept shores of Green Bay and Lake Michigan, in a small town, at the north end of the peninsula.

The Evolution of Our Work:

The Ritz Stick: Invented in 1913, the Ritz Stick was patented in 1916. It was the first nationally recognized device for foot measurement and set the U.S. sizing standard most commonly used today.

  • The Ritz Stick was primarily sold by wholesalers to shoe stores.
  • In 1988, the Ritz Stick was modified to include sizing for women, as well as marketed with custom logos and specific branding for footwear manufacturers.

The fOOter® Family Foot Measure: A revolution in family foot measuring design, it was conceived in 2006 and patented in March 2010.

  • The fOOter® was created to be an inexpensive, family-friendly version of the Ritz Stick. 
  • It sizes the length and width of women’s, men’s and children’s feet, allowing families to size their feet in the comfort of home.
  • The fOOter® makes it possible for families to easily shop for shoes either in a store or online.
  • The fOOter® is compact, lightweight, accurate, and inexpensive.
  • The Ritz Kids: Created in October 2014.
  • Born from the Ritz Stick
  • Specifically designed for children’s sizing

WATCH ME GROW: Written by Michael Ball Jr. and published in 2015, it is a keepsake book for recording children’s memories and milestones. It helps families document the growth, development, and personal history of their children.  Each book records up to 4 years of growth and development! Fun, educational, and child-friendly, the WATCH ME GROW package includes:

  • A keepsake book with space for both recording children’s growth information and beautifully rendered coloring pages for your children to enjoy
  • A sticker sheet with colorful calendar stickers and  special stickers to celebrate your children’s growth
  • A measuring tape
  • A fOOter® Family Foot Measure

All The fOOter Family of Measuring Devices have been awarded the prestigious Seal of Approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

You can trust our products are the highest quality available, from our family to yours.