Footer Family Watch Me Grow, Memories & Milestones Keepsake, 4 Year Kit

About This Product

  • Includes watch me grow, footer family foot measure, height tape and calendar / height stickers
  • 24 Pages to document children's growth & development, every 4 months, for 4 years
  • Family fun keepsake, you do together with your child or grandchild! wonderfully fun themes
  • The footer family foot measure is accepted by the APMA (American codiatric medical association)
  • Don't miss a thing! Record their measurements and milestones! Made in Wisconsin, USA

2015 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards - Bronze Winner WATCH ME GROW is a keepsake book for recording children's memories and milestones. It helps families document the growth, development and personal history of their children. Fun, educational and child-friendly, the WATCH ME GROW Kit includes: Keepsake book with space for both recording children's growth information and beautifully rendered coloring pages for your children to enjoy, sticker sheet with colorful calendar stickers and special stickers to celebrate your children's growth, height measuring tape, and the Footer Family Foot Measure. Your children are growing right before your eyes! Don't miss a thing! Record their measurements and milestones with the Footer Family foot measure and Watch Me Grow Book. Properly fitted footwear is vitally important to your child's growth and development. Make measuring fun! Every four months, gather with your child for a measurement session. Complete a section of the book by tracing your child's foot, measuring height, weight and shoe size. Next, discuss and record the milestones achieved since the last measurement. Finally, your child can color the page that goes with the section. There is a space in this amazing book to document nine total measurements. Watch Me Grow is a wonderful, family-friendly way to record the memories and milestones you will always treasure.